Energy Solutions Customized for Specific Livestock and Poultry

It is important to recognize that not all species’ segments have the same needs when it comes to supplementing liquid energy. Feed Energy customizes our products through fatty acid profile based on your specific requirements to optimize your rate of gain.


In today’s competitive market, it is important to use quality ingredients that will help you get your birds to market on time and at the target weight. Feed Energy’s quality fats and oils help:

  • Supply consistent sources of energy from high-quality, raw ingredients
  • Improve feed conversion
  • Improve rate of gain
  • Supply antioxidants which maintain stability (prevent rancidity) and support immune system health
  • Improve pellet quality and mixer efficiency
  • Reduce the heat build up in the bird during hot weather
  • Supply, when desired, a high-energy, all natural source

Laying Hens

Because energy is such a key factor in the performance of laying hens, a high-quality, consistent source of fat is critical to meeting energy needs. With the amount of fat in the diet being reduced by the use of enzymes, it is more important than ever before to use a high-quality energy source. It has been proven that the source of energy plus the proper fatty acid profile can demonstrate immediate positive results in a layer diet. Feed Energy products:

  • Are rich in Linoleic Acid, which is an essential fatty acid
  • Can help improve early case weights
  • Supply a consistent source of energy, which reduces the variables in the ration and aids in the maintenance of egg size
  • Reduce the heat build up in the bird during hot weather
  • Reduce dust in the feed


The broiler industry continues to become more and more competitive and the need to achieve target weights at market is more important than ever. Feed Energy can help you:

  • Improve feed efficiency
  • Improve rate of gain
  • Supply a high-energy, all natural source of supplemental fat when desired


The key to producing quality eggs is starting with a quality pullet. One of the key elements in raising a strong, uniform pullet is the energy in the diet. Feed Energy can help:

  • Supply a high-quality blend of animal and vegetable essential fatty acids
  • Supply a consistent source of energy, which is one of the keys raising uniform pullets
  • Supply a high level of linoleic acid, which is important in achieving heavy case weights at an early age
  • Energy is one of the keys to raising a strong and viable pullet


One of the keys to staying competitive in the swine industry is to effectively balance the energy in your feed rations. Feed Energy can help by:

  • Improving feed efficiency
  • Improving rate of gain
  • Reducing dust
  • Supplying safe and consistent blends of fatty acids
  • Targeting products to your specific growth, carcass and economic needs