Securing Your Feed Supply

Diseases have the potential to devastate entire flocks or herds and bring disaster upon your entire livelihood. Feed Energy’s proactive approach to biosecurity brings assurance that all practical and reasonable steps, above and beyond our customer’s requirements, are taken to ensure that vehicles and employees do not spread disease between customer locations.

Our diligent commitment to these processes works towards preventing the spread of disease. The Feed Energy Biosecurity Program is simply an extension of our commitment to producing the high-quality products we offer to customers each and every day.

Biosecurity Program Steps and Procedures

  • All trucks/trailers are tracked using a Bill of Lading. This allows us to keep historical records of deliveries to all locations.

  • All trucks and trailers have the tires and wheel wells sprayed with disinfectant prior to and after delivery to any poultry facilities, weather permitting.

  • Floorboards are sprayed with disinfectant between deliveries.

  • Trucks and trailers are washed regularly to keep them clean of deposits of organic matter that may harbor disease.

  • Drivers are not allowed to enter poultry production barns under any circumstance.

  • Sales representatives follow all visitation policies set forth by individual customer requirements.

  • Sales representatives do not enter poultry production barns unless they are invited to do so. When entering a barn, they wear booties and disposable coveralls, which are disposed at the customer location prior to leaving. The sales representative showers and changes clothes before visiting another production facility.

A truck pulling a load of Feed Energy product idles in a lot.

Critical Level Protection

In the event of an infectious disease outbreak, as defined by the State Veterinarian, the steps and procedures are elevated to a critical level. These additional precautions will be taken:

  • All trucks/trailers will be washed after delivering to and before returning from the location with the disease problem. The truck will be washed inside and out with a disinfectant. The trailer will have the wheels, tires and undercarriage washed with disinfectant.

  • The driver will wear disposable plastic boots while unloading and will drop them at the customer location prior to leaving. Plastic boots will also be worn into office buildings or mills at affected locations.

  • Sales representatives will not be allowed to visit the customer location during an infectious disease outbreak.

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