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BuildR2 – Delivers the Essential Energy & Biosecurity Protection Your Sows Need

BuildR2 is our lipid based nutrient specifically created for lactating sows and sows to be bred.  BuildR2 will provide the high energy diet your sows require to support milk production and the optimum levels of linoleic acid to aid in the sow’s conception rate and number of live pigs born per litter.

The Biosecurity benefits of BuildR2 helps to protect the overall environment for the sow and her newborn pigs.  New born pigs are born with very little disease resistance, so a pathogen controlled environment is crucial to their health and survival rate.  No other product delivers the combined benefits* of:

  • Decreased mortality rates

  • Optimized levels of linoleic acid

  • Increased immune system development in baby pigs

  • Mitigation of major pathogens, such as E. coli and salmonella

And for those being bred, BuildR2’s impact on linoleic acid aids in conception rates – increasing the number of live pigs born.

From conception through lactation, promote the health of your sows with BuildR2.

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