Senior Leadership Team

Robert G. Riley

Chairman Emeritus

staff headshot

Chris Snyder

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Hardie

Chief Financial Officer

staff headshot

John Eubank

Director, Accounting & Finance

Mohan Dasari Headshot.

Mohan Dasari

Senior Director, Product & Process Development

Tiffany Riffle

Manager, Human Resources

Scott Harrington

Scott Harrington

Chairman of the Board

Kevin Doppenberg

Kevin Doppenberg

Director of Sales and Marketing

Sales, Marketing & Mechanical Services Team

A headshot of Cal Halstead.

Cal Halstead

Account Manager

A headshot of Scott Cadwell.

Scott Cadwell

Account Manager

Dave Harmeier – Mechanical Services Manager; Glen Burgett – Customer Service Manager; Ted Stephens – Marketing

Research & Development

Mohan Dasari Headshot.

Mohan Dasari

Senior Director, Product and Process Development

Mahfuz Abdullah

R&D Manager – Animal Nutrition and Product Development in R&D

Hugh Warren

Research & Development Engineer


Jack (John) Norgaard

Quality Control Manager

Logistics & Supply Chain

There is no photo for this product or person yet.

Christian Grieser – Supply Chain Manager; Brian Labrucherie – Logistics Manager