Not All Fats & Oils are Created Equally

Our commitment to the recipients of our livestock feed ingredients is to make sure our blends of fats and oils are all natural, all of the time. We prove our dedication to this promise by maintaining a Safe Feed Safe Food certification, and utilizing the most cutting-edge technology to produce the most high-quality feed supplements.

What’s In Our Lab?

  • Oil Purification

    Our Rotary Evaporator (Rotovap) works to purify the oils used in our testing and development of new product, assuring the highest quality, purest, and most natural results.

  • Freedom from Pesticides

    The Feed Energy Gas Chromatograph tests all incoming and outgoing loads of feed supplement in accordance with our all natural, safe feed promise. Pesticides enter our food at the very beginning of the food chain–through the consumption of livestock feed. The Feed Energy experience means a guarantee of healthy and organic feed supplement blends.

  • Complete Fatty Acid Profiling

    Our state-of-the-art Near Infrared (NIR) Spectrometer is one of the most comprehensive in the world. Calibrated to test fatty acid profiles of various vegetable and animal fats and oils, it helps Feed Energy deliver on our promise to provide a consistent and high quality pure livestock feed supplement. The Feed Energy NIR Spectrometer additionally performs analysis of total fatty acids (TFA) and moisture, insolubles, and unsaponifiables (MIU). Our commitment to pure fats and oils is emphasized in our procedures of testing every incoming and outgoing load of substance.

  • Livestock Feed Supplement Traceability

    Our quality control team maintains a large database of every product that is handled in our lab by the collection of Feed Energy samples. Incoming raw materials are held for six months and outgoing loads for at least one full year. This allows for complete fatty acid profiles and complete traceability of every product.

  • Industry-Leading Biosecurity Standards

    Outbreaks of disease in the agricultural industry can be devastating not only to livestock, but to the livelihoods of producers, enterprise operators, feed mill managers, and more. Feed Energy strives to maintain the highest biosecurity measures to keep your flocks and herds safe.

Add More Natural Feed Ingredients to the Food Chain