Astounding Innovation at the Forefront of the Livestock Feed Industry

Vials and beakers filled with oil samples sit on a lab surface.

The Feed Energy Research and Development team works to consistently deliver astounding products through innovative methods in order to solve specific consumer issues. These custom-formulated, problem-solving products are created to cater to specific consumers’ livestock nutritional requirements.

In the early 1950’s, Roger Garrett was on a mission to improve the quality and performance of livestock diets by formulating and blending animal fats and vegetable oils to a specific caloric content. The result was better gains and greater feed efficiencies for livestock producers. Today, the Garrett formula continues to set the standard in the calculation of energy value and is the foundation of Feed Energy’s scientific approach to energy solutions based on specific fatty acid profiles.

Continually refining and advancing innovative methods of formulating and blending fats and oils, Feed Energy has earned a reputation for providing producer-focused solutions to meet the evolving needs of livestock and poultry producers for unparalleled levels of performance safety cost efficiencies, and service.

What Goes into Our Customized Product Development?

Cutting Edge Development

Leading Field Research

New Product Formulation

Chemical Engineering

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