Board of Directors

  • Liz Garst

    Ms. Garst manages the Garst family 3,000 acre corn, soybean and grass farm near Coon Rapids Iowa in addition to managing the families’ three community banks.    Liz has a BA from Stanford, a MS in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State and a MBA from Harvard.  She currently serves on the boards of Whiterock Conservancy and the Coon Rapids Development Group.  She has a long career in civic engagement on behalf of agriculture, the environment, rural development and civil liberties.

  • Daniel Jacobi

    Mr. Jacobi spent much of his career at DuPont Pioneer, during which he served as Corporate and then General Counsel for Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., then as Associate General Counsel for DuPont Ag & Nutrition, and finally, as Pioneers Vice President for Asia, Europe, and Africa.  Dan received his undergraduate and Law degrees from Drake University, where he now serves on the University’s Board of Trustees.  Dan remains committed to the idea that modern agricultural technologies, including biotechnology, are the keys to improved global health and nutrition, political stability, and environmental sustainability.  He continues to closely watch the geo-political developments in regions such as Europe, China, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa, where he still has friends and former Pioneer colleagues.

  • Katherine Riley Harrington

    Mrs. Riley Harrington is Director of Mission Services at Goodwill of Central Iowa.  Katherine has a BA degree from Smith College and an MSHR degree from Loyola University Chicago.  She has served on the boards of Des Moines Metro Opera, Dads with a Purpose (Treasurer) Board of Trustees Plymouth Congregational Church (Chair) and volunteers her time as a Cub Scout Leader.  Katherine is a former team member of Riley Resource Group (2008-2016) and is a member of the Riley Family Council.

  • Kerty Levy

    Ms. Levy is Managing Director of Techstars – a mentorship driven accelerator for startup companies.  At Techstars, Kerty works with new companies to provide them with the tools they need to be successful including product development, market fit and investor networking.  Kerty has a BA from the University of California Davis and an MBA from Harvard Business School.  She serves on the board of Mercy Medical Center and Des Moines Airport Authority.  Kerty has a long career in general management, global strategic marketing and business development.

  • Robin Sampson

    Ms. Sampson is VP of Grain at Innovative Ag Services in Hubbard.  Innovative Ag Services is a leader in marketing alternatives and logistics for grain producers.  Prior to that she was Operations Risk Manager for Summit Agriculture Group in Alden, Iowa.  Robin is a graduate of Michigan State University with a BS in Food Marketing.   Robin has an extensive background in all areas of corn and soybean production and processing.

  • Joseph Riley

    President of Iowa Steel Fabrication. BA Business-Entrepreneurship St Thomas Univ. St Paul, Minnesota, University of Loyola Family Business Program. Advisory Board DM Public Schools Animal Science. Cub Scout leader, father of 4. Former RRG team member.

  • Scott Harrington

    Mr. Harrington heads up growth and operations for Red 5 Interactive – a digital marketing and technology agency.  Scott is the Founder of Growing the Field, a non-profit focused on recruiting and training individuals that want to serve their communities on boards, commissions, or elected office. He is also the Founder of Precision Data Group – PDG works with companies, non-profits, advocacy, and political organizations to communicate with their constituencies by leveraging data.  In addition to serving on the Board of Directors of Riley Resource Group Scott is on the board of the Des Moines Metro Opera.